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As demand for a higher tool density box than what the drawer ranges could offer grew, and demand for boxes with no lids for guys with cabinets and vans grew, we introduced the Stacker Series.  The flat top in the box enables the boxes to fit in areas where space impedes opening. This box range was designed to complement the standard tools of multiple trades and suits many industry applications.

Stacker Series Boxes can be configured from all drawer type boxes in the DSM drawer series range. An up to 8 drawer high version of the DSM range up to 545H (allow a further 12mm for handles). The cabinet of the box is of a fully arc welded construction in 1.6mm steel with a stainless steel serial number and is powder coat finished. End panels are made from 2 interlocking channel with additional stiffeners to take the weight of boxes stacked on top.  And embedded lifting lug segments no models that have them with 8mm corner reinforcements. The shell body, hanger frame are arc welded together to form an extremely strong uni-body cabinet. The Maxim height of stacker boxes is determined by the distance the door protrudes from the bottom of the box in the open position. Rule or thumb the box should be no longer than 100mm higher than the box is in depth.

DOOR SYSTEM - The stacker series door is different to all other DSM boxes that the door folds down and slides under the bottom drawers   The door is retained by 2 4mm steel guides slide pins that add stability and strength to the opening action and is locked by 19mm barrel lock fitted with an adjustable 4mm steel locking hook mating to a retaining slot in the top of the box.   An optional dual locking device is also available which allows for the fitting of a padlock in addition to the tubular lock for enhanced security.

DRAWERS - This range features an internal drawer size of the of the drawers that relates to the size equivalent of the range the selected. 

All large drawers feature our clip in drawer dividers (available in both length and width) in approximately 100mm spacing.  2 width dividers are supplied per large drawer (more sold separately).

FINISHING - The highest quality finish is achieved by abrasive blasting, coating with a layer of zinc powder coat and finally top finishing in the customers colour choice of powder coat. This double powder coating promotes durability and longevity of the finish which in turn increases corrosion resistance.

MOUNTING - Securing the box to the vehicle is facilitated by the use of 4 arc welded 3/8 UNC captive nuts in the floor of the box allowing easy mounting. Centres for these holes are listed on the instruction sheet inside the lid.  The box can also be mounted in the same fashion to our optional mounting frame as this frame is secured to the vehicle in the same fashion utilising the same hole centres. (Refer to D Series Mounting Frame located under Accessories for a description).  These boxes can also be mounted on D series Stacker boxes to increase height and capacity of the box (Refer to Stacker Series for a description).

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MBX-00 is part of the Stacker Range.  As demand for a higher tool density box than what the ..
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