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How DSM Toolboxes came into being and has grown to its present state.

DSM Toolboxes has a rich history of product development and engineering over a long period of time, unlike some other tool companies that just copy other peoples products and have them made in China.  The genesis of DSM Toolboxes began in 1987. After working at a manufacturing business in Dalby (Simplicity Air Seeders) for four years, I returned home to the family property with some sheet metal machinery I had purchased.  I began performing general engineering and working on the family property.  During this time I was asked to build a sturdy toolbox to last in the back of a Ute by a mate.  So I set out to produce the punches and tooling needed to manufacture this toolbox - a large undertaking considering the limited amount of equipment I had on the farm.

All I possessed at the time was a manual panbrake, manual corner notcher, MIG welder, hydraulic press powered from a tractor and some hand and electric tools.  After significant research and development the toolbox was complete.  Soon after I was asked to build another and then another.  Enquiries revealed that my friend was selling these toolboxes to all his clients as they were just what they needed.  This box was the forerunner to our current MB-01 toolbox.

At this time I was also involved in share farming and started a contract harvesting business with my brother.  In 1988 I returned to Dalby and continued work at Simplicity, still producing toolboxes in my spare time and also getting married to my patient wife. After we purchased Dalby Camping World, the changes in gun laws saw us set up a small manufacturing offshoot, Downs Sheet Metal, to produce gun safes and the toolboxes that people were waiting years to get

June 2000 saw us sell the Camping World business and set up DSM Toolboxes as a stand-alone business. Also at this time I was introduced to the concept of laser cutting and immediately could see its potential uses and knew it would benefit our business.

We were having our toolbox components cut in Toowoomba at this time and operating out of a 27sq metre two-car garage with similar equipment to that of the farm. Our harvesting business was operating successfully at this time and we were able to fund a shed extension and the deposit on a laser cutter.

This was in 2002 and since then we have achieved such substantial growth that we now have a large modern well-equipped 1340sq metre factory with substantial production capacity and a talented staff of sixteen.

Now DSM not only produces our own world class toolbox products, but we are also proud to manufacture several other premium brand products at our facility including toolboxes for the Australian Defence Force, with more than two thousand supplied so far.To ensure quality and the highest standard of finish, we have also incorporated a Powder Coating line to our factory.

There have been many other changes and challenges along the way but this is the basis of how DSM Toolboxes started.

The best way to describe our basic design philosophy is that Australian made DSM products are built to a standard (to ensure longevity), while imported products are built to a price (to maximise importer margins). We understand that to a layman a toolbox is a toolbox but to us this statement could not be further from the truth.

DSM Toolboxes aim to be the finest vehicle storage system in the world today and we are passionate about building the very best toolboxes money can buy.

Mick Pearson
Owner and Director

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