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Service Vehicle Installation
 28/01/2009   Heavy machinery workshop service vehicle fitted with DSM toolboxes.

Ute mounted (Model UCL-917)
 27/01/2009   UCL mounted toolbox with handy front compartment pod.

Prime Mover Installation
 26/01/2009   Toolbox fitted to prime mover under cab.

Used and Abused
 20/01/2009   DSM Toolboxes are built to withstand a lot of punishment.

Damaged but not Destroyed
 20/01/2009   This DSM Toolbox survived a bushfire.

Matt Terry
 10/12/2007   I have owned these DSM toolboxes for in excess of 10 years. They have lived in the back of several vehicles over this time and have delivered faultless durability and longevity. They have operated in many areas across the Australian mainland including the Kimberly and Queensland mining regions. I could not recommend more highly the products manufactured by DSM.

Michael Jakobi
 10/12/2007   Hi Mick and all the guys at DSM. Just wanted to let you guys know how my 2 UCL 917s and LDX02 were going. I have had them for just over a year now and couldn't be happier. They still look like new even though they live out in the weather and spend a lot of their time covered in mud and coal dust. I am a diesel mechanic working for myself so it is really important for me to be well organized and know exactly where everything in my vehicle is. I often receive compliments on how professional and well set up my vehicle is. DSM's very clever and flexible design allows me to organize and re-organise my toolboxes to suit my constantly developing business without the cost and inconvenience of having new toolboxes made all the time. Another impressive feature of DSM's toolboxes is their weather and dust proofing. No amount of washing, driving in heavy rain or on dusty roads and mine sites poses a problem as far as dust or water entry goes. Another feature that is part of their clever design is the strength and durability, which has exceeded all my expectations. All in all I would have to say that DSM. Toolboxes are by far the best in terms of quality, durability, user friendliness and value that I have ever owned or seen. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Andrew Zammit
 7/12/2007   I looked at a few other brands of toolboxes when making my purchase, but none even came close to the practicality of my DSM box. It can easily be used in the workshop or without a worry in the Ute; it covers both areas easily. I have not a worry about putting it in the Ute whatsoever and it is relatively new still. My toolbox is just over a year old but it has travelled to broken down trucks in various locations all around without a worry and the dual locking device is an extra bit of security I admire. My toolbox can easily be moved from the Ute to workshop with the aid of the mounting frame underneath. The other special bonus when purchasing a DSM toolbox that I loved is that I got to pick the colour of my choice and got my name etched on it. No one else does this at all. cheers DSM on a job well done. Andrew

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